Right now we are all living in a time like no other, where globally we have been given what I am calling the Greatest Gift, the Greatest Opportunity, the Gift of TIME.

Everywhere one turns today, all one hears is, “I am so busy, I just don’t have the time”. As humans we all know that we make time for what we truly value and love. Jesus said where your treasure is, is where you will find a man’s heart.

God is taking away this excuse from us all right now. He is gifting us all TIME, in the hope that He will become our treasure, but the question that needs to be asked is, “How are we going to use this incredible gift - TIME?” Will we do what we have always done with this incredible commodity and fill it with us and self-consumption, remaining in the excuse that we just never have the time, or will we use it wisely and invest it into seeking out all that the Father has for us? Time will tell.

We have created a resource called “The Wilderness, The Greatest Opportunity Yet”

This resource speaks of who we are called to be and the place we are called to inhabit. It speaks of the food, clothing and shelter we are to receive and live from as His people.

Our prayer is we will all use this gift called TIME wisely, spending valuable TIME marinating and meditating on this eternal food source we are providing, so we are eternally changed. 

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