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Church is a community of faith—a spiritual family, not a Sunday service. But our services, programmes and events are environments that enable us to encourage one another in faith and to equip each other to follow God and His plans for us. You’ll find what’s coming up at The Rock here on this page.

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Timewarp: Back to the 80's

Postponed due to Lockdown
The Rock Church

"Roads?... Where we're going we don't need roads!"

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"I'll be back"... back in the eighties that is! We're going back to the eighties where cell phones were only used by yuppies and were literally the size of a brick! Where "Gloss" wasn't just what you put on your lips and they didn't have ads on TV on a Sunday. Where there was no trading on Sundays and TV ended each night with Kiwi and his cat going to bed. Where mullets and stubbies were considered a good thing... (maybe we'll skip that part of the eighties).

If you totally want to relive your childhood and return to the "good old days" you should buy your tickets today. We'll have a stellar 2 course meal with a side of boogie (channel Richard Simmons and work off that dinner) washed down with a tall glass of Karaoke! This night will be so wicked cool your kids will even want to come! We recommend you bring the kids 12 and up as the younger ones will probably not enjoy themselves. Please note there won't be any additional program available for kids. Tickets are $30.00 for adults (16 years and up) and $20 for kids (15 years and younger and not those who are kids at heart)!

No event is complete without the perfect outfit so drag your fav outfit from the 80's out of the back of your wardrobe or come as your fav celeb from the 80's. Think Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Wham & Michael Jackson (back when the craziest thing you could say about him was that he only wore one glove!) Don't know what to wear? Well you can't "Phone Home" as ET has tied up the line (and I don't mean Entertainment Tonight) you could try calling a friend as long as you can find a landline, a pay phone or even a car phone (or maybe a yuppie with a brick sized cell phone)! "Surely you can't be serious?"
"I am serious and don't call me Shirley!"

We sold out of our Cultural Cuisine Tickets earlier this year so don't miss out on the "most excellent" night of the year dude, buy your tickets today! Don't forget to grab some invites on Sunday to share with your friends and family who also may enjoy a totally awesome night full of fun and laughter!

When: Saturday 4th September
Where: The Rock Church, 10/4 Glover Street Ngauranga
Cost: Adult Tickets $30 (16 years and older) Kids Tickets $20 (15 years and younger)
How: Purchase tickets on Sunday from the info counter or click on the "Back to the 80's image" above to register for tickets online (please note you will need to collect your tickets from the info counter once we have received your payment)
Ticket Sales Close: SUNDAY 29 AUGUST