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24th March 2021

Crowd to Core

Greg Simnor

Hi Family,

What I shared last week in relation to the Holy Spirit being our Teacher directly, not man, and using this amazing opportunity of TIME we have been given to experience this reality, was only One part of a two-part picture.

This prophetic eternal reality is intertwined with what I am about to share as the second part of this prophetic picture, which makes it 1 ultimate prophetic utterance from the Spirit.

The title of this picture is CROWD to CORE!

The TIME is now for the CROWD to become the CORE. As you know, I am a massive football fan and God has used this physical sport and everything that goes with this sport, to show me what He is looking for RIGHT NOW.

This prophetic picture involves God’s entire body. This is a church dilemma from those who lead to those who follow and to everything in between.

In the picture I saw 60,000 people (the CROWD) all take their seats in a massive stadium, while the Coach and the 22 professionals who were paid very well to play the game, entertained the CROWD. The players and crowd both love this reality as its focus is self.

As I meditated on what I was looking at, here are the words that came forth from the Spirit.

The church for FAR TOO LONG, have become professional spectators, instead of active players. How has this happened? The answer to this is twofold.

Because the CROWD wants to stay the CROWD and be entertained.

Those who lead and play want to keep the CROWD as the CROWD, so they are recognised as the players, who the crowds adore and worship.

Man as the head, has created and built his own Football Association along with teams and ways of doing everything. This way is highly successful, polished, sparkly and very glam, promising success to all those who join and be a part of this way.

The CROWDS come in their droves and masses to watch the highly charismatic manager, their entourage and 22 professional football players, kick a ball around and entertain the CROWDS.

The CROWDS have little to no desire or even ability, to get on the field and play the game today, because of the years in which they have occupied the STANDS.

They have become so out of shape and unfit. The football strips that are tight fitting and are designed for athletes, are way too tight and far too restricting and constricting for the bodies of the members of the CROWD. They can’t even move in them, so they disregard them and wear big baggy clothing that is way more comfortable for CROWD members.

This CROWD heartbeat and mind set has been passed on from generation to generation, with family members having life time family seats in the stadium and the CROWD have zero reference for who they in fact have been created to be - active players, who know exactly how to BE and DO what they are all called and chosen for.

Luke 14:25-35 Now large crowds were going along with Him; and He turned and said to them, “If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple. Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple. For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who observe it begin to ridicule him, saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish.’ Or what king, when he sets out to meet another king in battle, will not first sit down and consider whether he is strong enough with ten thousand men to encounter the one coming against him with twenty thousand? Or else, while the other is still far away, he sends a delegation and asks for terms of peace. So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions. “Therefore, salt is good; but if even salt has become tasteless, with what will it be seasoned? It is useless either for the soil or for the manure pile; it is thrown out. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

For those in the CROWD this standard or level of fitness is way too high and out of reach, and so they are content to just GO ALONG and for the professionals to entertain them and be the ones who live this reality out, while the crowd associate with the players but never become the players.

They are prepared to pay some cost, the cost of entry and the cost of an official shirt and scarf, but not the cost of being set apart, training hard, being disciplined in what they eat and drink, and regular fitness tests, to ensure the highest level of fitness and wellbeing.  

Those in the CROWDS have absolutely zero ability to enter into the game today, because they are so overweight, out of shape, under prepared, unfit, unskilled. They have sat on the side lines and in the stands for so long, that although they know all the rules, they have no ability or capacity to last 30 seconds playing the game and would end up throwing up and having heart palpitations and need to come off straight away.

The CROWD is overwhelming under prepared because for years they have only GONE ALONG and watched the game unfold in front of them.

They are not found in a state, that is capable of being an active member of the team, but they are more than happy and comforted by the fact, that they can GO ALONG and follow their team, without too much sacrifice and risk, screaming praise and holding the manager and their team in the highest of esteem.

All they have a capacity for is to associate themselves with the game, their team and the players, by turning up and taking their positions in the STANDS, watching the players play and watching the players enjoy all the attributes of actively participating in the game.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

As I continued to meditate on what I was looking at, here are the words that describe the remaining part of the prophetic picture.

There were some in the CROWD who started to get unsettled and were not content with just being in the CROWD. Going along and being a CROWD member was no longer satisfying them and this started to sweep across the stadium and cause a sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction of being in the CROWD.

Those in the CROWD started to be awakened to the reality that they too were supposed to be playing the game and no longer watching it. They started to see who they had actually been created to BE and from this posture of being, how they were created to live. No longer a passive, go along CROWD follower, but an active player in the game.

This is when I saw these CROWD followers start to make their way out of their seats and down to pitch level, getting ready to take up their positions on the field. Many were leaving their seats in droves ready to step up and into the game, only for them to get to pitch level and be faced with the STEWARDS who are positioned strategically around the pitch for the very purpose of CROWD control and not letting the CROWD onto the field.

The STEWARDS, who are put there by the Football Association for the task of keeping the CROWDS off the pitch, can be highly aggressive at times, and their role is to ensure the 2 Coach’s, with their entourage and their 22 professional players, are playing the game to the highest level, keeping the CROWDS off the field of play.

What is the Spirit saying right now in relation to these 2 prophetic pictures?

The Holy Spirit becomes our Teacher directly

The Crowds become the Core

Right now we are being presented with a massive opportunity for the Spirit to teach us ALL things, no longer man. As the Spirit reveals and shows us the Father and the Father’s purpose for His church, we are awakened. To no longer be the Crowd WHO GO ALONG WITH Jesus, but to become the Core who are IN JESUS.

We come away from the plans and purposes of the Football Association and we enter into our Father’s purposes as His chosen and called out ones, discovering our God given identity and place on the field of play as a team member, no longer an individual.

Q. How will this happen?

The game has been postponed. The Crowds have nowhere to go now and be entertained by the professional players. The professional players have no one to entertain and show off all of their abilities and natural gifting’s. The charismatic manager has no one to give his very strategic and well-oiled plans to, to put in place as to how the team will play. The stewards are no longer in place to stop the crowd becoming the player’s, and the Football Association is at a standstill, with no ability to put its controlling measures in place.

The entire game, show, performance has come to a grinding halt.

God is taking back His position as the HEAD of all these roles that is associated with the football team. Owner, Coach, Trainer, Manager, Doctor, Skills, Nutrition, Supporter and removing all the stewards out of the way, along with the Football Association, so the church can get back on the field and out of the STANDS.

As the Football Association attempts to come up with ways to try and keep the game going, to keep the manager and the players entertaining the crowd, it’s important the CROWD stand firm and resist these attempts, and seek the One who will divinely impart what is required to enter and play on the field, the game of one’s life, as a team.

He will get us all in shape as we leave the comfort and safety of our seats and make our way down to the field and start to play our part in His team. All we have to do is get out of the STANDS and make our way onto the FIELD and His Divine Eternal Grace will come upon all those who do.

The TIME has come for both these positions of the CROWD wanting to stay the CROWD and secondly, those who lead and play wanting to keep the CROWD as the CROWD, so they are recognised as the players, who the crowds adore and worship, to come to the end of self and fall upon the Cornerstone and be broken into pieces, and for the church to emerge in the Love and Power of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The question is. From these 2 prophetic utterances, will we hear what is being said and will we be prepared to use this time, which we have been gifted, to seek the Holy Spirit as our Teacher, come out of the CROWD, who go along with Jesus and come into the CORE who are in Jesus, and start BEING who we have been created to BE - His Church.

My prayer is these words are life to you.