When we look at scripture, we see a two-sided coin in operation in relation to God's love. One side has to do with God being love, the source of love and that we are never to separate God from Love. The other side has to do with our coming to know and having a deep rooted conviction of God's love through experiencing the same. In this "Love" Series we will dig into both sides of Love - who God is and how we are to become love. Click the title to view the notes.


  1. Love
  2. Love is Patient
  3. Love is Kind
  4. Love is not Jealous
  5. Love does not brag
  6. Love is not arrogant
  7. Love Does Not Act Unbecomingly
  8. Love Does Seek its Own
  9. Love is not Provoked
  10. Love Does Not Take into Account a Wrong Suffered
  11. Love Does Not Rejoice in Unrighteousness
  12. Love Recap
  13. Love Rejoices With The Truth
  14. Love Bears All Things
  15. Love Believes All Things
  16. Love Hopes All Things
  17. Love Endures All Things
  18. Love or Gong
  19. I am Nothing
  20. Without Love it Profits Us Nothing
  21. Love Never Fails
  22. Rooted in What?
  23. Love Releases us From Religion
  24. Rules Without Relationship
  25. Relationship With Rules Leads to Righteousness
  26. There Is No Fear In Love
  27. Receiving and Being Perfected in Love
  28. Loving God
  29. Loving One Another
  30. Abiding in Christ Forms Love
  31. Nothing Can Separate Us From Love
  32. God Does This Work of Love
  33. God's Love in Action
  34. God's Love is Very Different From Our Human Love.
  35. God's Love Loves Beyond Our Behaviour.