The Relational Disciple

Jesus, our example, discipled twelve people by living with them for three years. He modelled discipleship as He lived, walked and ate with them. He taught them through parables and real life object lessons. Kingdom culture is all about walking with God and one another in discipleship. In this series we explore what the relational disciple is and how do we live out this reality just as Jesus did. Click the title to view the notes.


  1. The Way of The Master
  2. Conformed to the Pattern of Individualism
  3. Community is the very Nature of God
  4. Focusing On Christ
  5. Focusing on Others
  6. Love One Another
  7. Serve One Another
  8. Forgiving One Another
  9. Build Each Other Up
  10. Encourage One Another
  11. Be Kind to One Another
  12. Be Devoted to One Another
  13. Being Accountable to One Another
  14. Instruct One Another
  15. Submit to One Another
  16. Confess Our Sins to One Another
  17. Walk in Humility with One Another
  18. Accept One Another
  19. Live at Peace with One Another
  20. Bear with Each Other
  21. Waiting for Each Other
  22. Honour One Another
  23. Use Your Gifts Among Each Other
  24. Show Hospitality to One Another
  25. Watchfulness
  26. Do Not Lie to One Another
  27. Do Not Fight With Each Other
  28. Do Not Envy One Another
  29. Do Not Judge One Another