The key to vision is hearing. Hearing precedes Seeing. Hearing is the key to faith. What does it mean to truly hear The Word and to walk in the life of the Spirit? The bible says that we are to live by Faith and not by sight and that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. If we can't hear what the Word (Christ) is saying we won't have faith and without faith we can't please God. In this series we will dig into what biblical hearing is and how it is to define everything else. The Elders Discipleship Notes are designed to dig deeper to help build and equip us as we lead those around us. Click the title to view the notes.


  1. Hearing Precedes Vision
  2. Hear in the Spirit to Learn
  3. Quick to Hear and Slow to Speak
  4. Incorrect Hearing Leads to Incorrect Living
  5. We Hear to Receive Not to Understand
  6. Hearing the Word Produces a Burning of Heart
  7. Spiritual Hearing + Empowered Action = Divine Outcome
  8. Knowing Everything in Advance
  9. No Hearing Means No Understanding!
  10. Hearing His Voice is Critical Because We Can't See His Form
  11. There's Only One Voice We Are To Listen To
  12. The Loudest Voice Tends to Grab our Attention the Most
  13. Not Being Able to Stop Speaking...