Our Elders discipleship groups are an environment for training and equipping our discipleship leaders to lead more effectively. Please see below for the Elders discipleship notes from “Vision” Series. Click the title to view the notes.


  1. Vision
  2. The Unseen Realm
  3. Raised Us Up
  4. Eternal Food
  5. Who Opens Our Eyes
  6. Sight Empowers Christ Like Living
  7. Vision Manifests the Future in Our Present
  8. Walking in Alignment
  9. Recap
  10. The Church is Built According To a Pattern
  11. Spiritual Blindness has us Seeing the Wrong Thing
  12. Where Does Your Reverence For God Come From
  13. Our Faith Rests On God
  14. Speak & Write Down What We See
  15. Seeing in the Natural But Not in the Spirit See