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29th June 2016

Selfless Love

Greg Simnor

Where I am today and who I am becoming, I would never have dreamt of in a million years. The passions that I hold to and the purposes I live for today, are radically different, to what they once were. I have to pinch myself now and again just to make sure that who I have come to know and what I am doing with my life is real and not just some imaginative narrative that I am part of. 

Let me explain. On December 23rd 1997 at 10:00am in my place of work, I had what I can only describe as a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ. There was a 9 year background that led up to this point in my life, but through brokenness, desperation and the despair of my heart, I cried out to Him with all I had and He answered. 

In what can only be described as a moment or an event in time, Jesus Christ of Nazareth heard my heart's cry and came in power and touched my heart, filling me with His intense love for me. I had never experience anything like this before. 

I had no idea that the bible says 'those who seek Me with all their heart will find Me'. I had never ever read a bible. I had no reference point for the teachings of Christ, and yet here I am receiving Him and His overwhelming love for me, because l cried out to Him in my moment of desperation with all my heart. 

I woke up that morning like any other morning, only knowing what I knew, but at 10.00am everything changed in a split second He revealed to me the enormity of what He had accomplished so I (we) could have a relationship with Him. He revealed to me my nature and sin that separated me from Him. He showed me my selfish and self centered heart and how I was living for myself. (Which was what had gotten me in this place of brokenness and despair)?

As I was being shown this, He then revealed within me His incredible, insatiable, intoxicating, overwhelming, all consuming love for me. In a moment I saw my overwhelming need for Him. 

My eyes were now opened to a reality that was always present and still is today,  but I just hadn't seen it or known it. God's love had penetrated my hard heart and mind and for the first time in my life I got to experience within me what unconditional, unadulterated and pure liquid love tasted like. 

It is this love, His love, that has captured me, realigned me, my focus and priorities. This encounter with Jesus Christ was the starting point of where I am today. I find myself having a love, a joy, and a peace living within me that is not of this world. Jesus Himself said, "come to Me and I will give you rest". I have discovered this rest in Him. There is nothing this world has and nothing man can create, that can bring us into this position and posture of life. Take it from someone who has looked for these things in the world and never found them.

We have all been created to be in a relationship with our Creator which lasts for eternity. A relationship that brings and births so much life within us it's hard to contain. I know I have discovered this life to a significant measure and I want to encourage anyone who reads this to seek Jesus Christ with all your heart, and let Him astound you with His goodness.