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“From Hatred to Love”

Brian Vest

Brian shares how he went from being so twisted and consumed with hate that he was learning how to create chemical weapons for the purpose of kinlling people to being a follower of Christ so consumed by Love that he now has a heart to serve people rather than a desire ...

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“The Story of Ebony & Ivory”

James & Viv Anson

James & Viv share their individual journeys to Christ and how Christ brought them together and released them to serve as a couple. 

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“How Will You Respond?”

Georgie & Arnia Gotty

Georgie & Arnia share their story of encountering in love in prison and the face of death. Through rap, music and raw story telling hear how Love stepped in and changed the lives of this couple and put them on a path of life and hope rescuing them from the darkness ...

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“Forever Changed”

Rock Panel

Hear how an encounter with love radically changed the lives of three people forever. Lawrence, Sina & Nick share their testimonies of what life was like before Christ, how they met Christ and what their lives are like now. 

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“The Jellyfish Man”

Ian McCormack

Ian McCormack (aka 'The Jellyfish Man') shares his story of being stung by five box jellyfish, dying, and experiencing heaven and hell before being raised back to life by Jesus.

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