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12th September 2014

Stinking thinking!

Greg Simnor

Hi family,

Speaking with a buddy of mine a wee while ago, he gave me this acronym: ANTS...

 "Automatic Negative Thinking Syndrome"

negative attitude

When we live from our old nature we tend to see the world through the lens of the negative rather than the positive. We tend to see why something won't work as opposed to how it could. We tend to squash all possibilities and speak death into it before it has ever had a chance to form and breathe.

Ultimately, we tend to speak death over our own lives. 

Why do we do this?

Because of our "automatic negative thinking syndrome".

As His followers, it is imperative that our thinking is undergoing constant renewal to His divine perspective by the Holy Spirit[1]. Without this ongoing transformation in our lives we will be locked in a state of negative thinking and doubt, which will blind us to the spiritual reality that Jesus died for us all to see and enter into - the Kingdom of God.

Jesus came to seek and save ALL that was lost[2]. He didn’t come just to save sinners from hell, but to reconcile us to right relationship with the Father[3], to restore us to our destiny as sons and heirs[4] of the King of Heaven.

Let’s surrender our negative thinking to God, taking every faithless thought captive and making it obedient to Christ[5], and allowing His Spirit to renew our minds as we seek Him with all our heart[6] and follow Him into His glorious Kingdom.

Have a favoured week,


[1] Romans 12:1
[2] Luke 19:10
[3] 2 Corinthians 5:18
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[6] Jeremiah 29:13-14