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5th September 2014

Are our lives a reflection of Christ's life?

Greg Simnor

Here's a question I believe God would have us all ask ourselves at this time:
 "As His people, are our lives a reflection of Christ's life?"
We can no longer be content with mere words about truth[1] without the corresponding reality that the Truth brings[2].
God's grace is one of the most powerful, life giving and life changing attributes of His nature[3]. It is given to us so that we are able - by the power of His Spirit - to come into the fullness of God; a transformative reality, not a theoretical view point that we hold or discuss.
Let's not be found in apathy, or ingratitude - abusing His incredible grace[4], a gift that cost Him the life of His one and only Son. Let's be found living in the freedom it bought for us and the transformation it enables.
The more humble in spirit we are, the more we will come into this fullness of God He has promised us[5].  So let us allow God to continue to work on us and build His life in us[6], so that we are found in this authentic place where our words match our lives[7].
Let His truth arrest you today to create life bringing change.
All things are possible to those who believe![8]

In His love,

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